Brief Guide to Choosing either Managed VPS or Reseller Hosting

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Choosing between an affordable managed VPS hosting and cPanel reseller plan can be a breeze if you understand few important aspects of these hosting alternatives. Cheap managed hosting as well as reseller hosting are highly sought after by clients. 

Features of cPanel reseller hosting

As far as the cPanel reseller account is concerned clients can access the administrative side of the account via WHM. Access to website or client side is provided through cPanel in these accounts. Since one server is used for hosting several accounts, there is no possibility of full server access. It is essentially a shared server being controlled and managed by the service provider of reseller hosting. 

Users can execute number of tasks such as creating, modifying, or terminating accounts with help of WHM in addition of having their own nameservers. However, one cannot use the server for installation or configuration of custom software. In short, users are not allowed root access to the server as a reseller.  

Brief Guide to Choosing either Managed VPS or Reseller Hosting

Essential aspects of cheap managed VPS

If you are in pursuit of having full root access for managing the server in addition to an easy access to all its functionalities, then a cheap managed VPS is a right choice. You can also modify configuration of your Virtual Private Server or alter its settings for catering to your individual needs. 

It is found that many users of cheap managed VPS are able to boost their website speeds by installing Nginx or other similar features. Alternatively, it can also be an ideal resource for learners. In most of the aspects of server hosting, you can access more number of features in cheap managed VPS hosting than reseller account.

Even though customers are accorded unlimited freedom for server management, a VPS hosting is comparatively more expensive than a reseller hosting account. In some cases, you are expected to possess a fair amount of system administration capabilities if there is no provision of management by the host. In such cases you should be prepared to buy the management services separately. If the same support is being provided by a third party service, then the costs will be higher. 

Objectives of using web hosting services

This is probably the most vital aspect of identifying the right kind of web hosting service from among a myriad of services available out there. If you are intending to operate several different sites as an individual, then it is preferable to go for cPanel reseller hosting. In addition to being an affordable choice as against cheap VPS hosting, you can also enjoy its superior management features. Similarly, reseller hosting can be the best option for web designers as well. They can host their clients’ websites and other online projects by opting for reseller hosting services

It is common for web designers to host their websites on virtual servers for gaining greater access as well as control on server resources. This is generally found with web design companies with access to own framework requiring installation of custom PHP modules in order to work seamlessly with particular server settings or modules.  

Vital attributes of VPS hosting

Since there is an excellent isolation of accounts in a Virtual Private Server environment, one can look forward to greater security of hosting. Your account will be immune to security breach in other neighboring VPS account. This can be considered as an important benefit of Virtual Private Hosting

Virtual Private Server setup also facilitates availability of your own mail server with individual IP address. On the other hand, if any one account is involved in generating spam mails by getting compromised, then no other account in the same setup is allowed to send emails. It is only after the compromised account is identified and secured, other accounts are able to resume their mail operations. 

Moreover, you also need to find out and contact the blacklists individually that have blocked your IP address to initiate IP address unblocking process. This is an excruciatingly lengthy process and may take one or two days to unblock addresses. 

In the event of repeated instance of spamming, it will be difficult to get the IP addresses unblocked by blacklists. In a VPS environment it is far easier to secure a single website by avoiding spamming and further consequences of IP address blocking. 

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