Major Attributes of Windows VPS Hosting for Small and Medium Businesses

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Thanks to the advent of virtualization technologies, Windows enabled virtual private server hosting has gained immense popularity over the years and still continues to excel in terms of speed and performance. It is therefore hardly a matter of surprise that Windows hosting is steadily climbing the popularity ladder over years.

Shift from free web hosting

One can find a wide spectrum of features of Windows VPS hosting that have attributed to its huge popularity. These include ability of hassle-free scaling, reduced carbon footprint, and boosting the reliability of online organizations.

Days of free web hosting are numbered due to cramming of websites by free web hosting providers into single servers. This option is soon headed to become obsolete due to loss of credibility of these services.

Quest for a dependable and stable hosting option comes to an end with Windows VPS hosting because users can enjoy benefits of dedicated server hosting that is designed to serve your business critical website without any hiccups.

Windows VPS- a logical hosting option

Windows Virtual Server provides excellent access to the server environment as compared with primary or basic hosting known as shared hosting. Organizations usually leverage VPS hosting for elevating their online footprint with access to greater security and privacy of the hosting environment.

Virtual Private Server hosting backed by Windows operating system is highly sought after by entrepreneurs and CIOs to gain remarkable advantages. You need to know multiple aspects of VPS hosting in order to appreciate compelling features of Windows VPS hosting.

In a VPS hosting arrangement, website or web applications are hosted on virtual server, which is carved out of a powerful physical server. In fact, there are multiple virtual servers that are isolated from each other and can enjoy independent access to server resources including RAM, CPU power and much more. Every VPS account in a given environment has freedom to choose its own operating system including Linux or Windows.

Major Attributes of Windows VPS Hosting for Small and Medium Businesses

There are a multitude of virtual servers within a single physical server in Virtual Private Server hosting package. A Virtual Private Server aims at facilitating large as well as complex websites while ensuring robust security of mission critical data. Since a VPS hosting is essentially a shared arrangement, users can continue to enjoy affordability of shared hosting and privacy and server accessibility of dedicated hosting.

Being a virtualized application, users can enhance resource availability of a virtual server as per their needs. This advantage is over and above remarkable scalability and flexibility of VPS hosting that enables running a Windows operating system. VPS hosting also offers greater availability of bandwidth that helps users operate streaming services of rich and complex media applications.

Leveraging image of an indomitable brand

Users can leverage vast and time tested brand benefits of Microsoft in terms of availability of Windows server management tools and a highly user friendly Windows interface just to name a few.

Microsoft has been working on perfecting its offerings for years together by getting rid of hassles and issues within the framework. The sheer amount of experience and reputation of Microsoft is enough to offer peace of mind to users of Windows VPS hosting.

Microsoft is engaged in investing its massive funds as well as extraordinary talent for development of server solutions. Users can access colossal volumes of tutorials, customer service options, and guides to get the most out of Microsoft’s server offerings.

What’s more you can access a huge webs-pace, which has been entirely dedicated to Windows Hyper-V to achieve seamless customization of virtual servers according to your organization’s individual needs. Microsoft also facilitates enterprises to make use of a wide gamut of installs offered by its rich releases ranging from Windows 2003 to Windows 2012.

You may access some outstanding features offered by Windows VPS according to your host’s capabilities. These can typically include instant and scheduled updates, superior customer service, and responsive technical support just to name a few.

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting has established a robust association between Windows operating systems and a broad array of business verticals. It is interesting to note that number of enterprises have been operating exclusively in Windows environment by leveraging broad spectrum of Windows software and documents to successfully carry out various tasks.

Easy Web administration

It is easy to execute data transfer in and out of Virtual Private Servers due to seamless compatibility of Windows operating system and other Microsoft products. This makes Windows VPS hosting an ideal choice for your website and web applications.

Virtual Private Server market offers a myriad of interfaces and control options for managing, editing, and publishing web content. These interfaces exhibit different levels of intuitiveness and success. In case of Windows operating system, one can enjoy a highly user friendly and familiar interface that simplifies server management to a great extent. Web administrators can leverage highly flexible administration tools that can be tailored to perfectly blend with a particular environment.


Windows VPS hosting continues to empower small and medium enterprises with exceptionally affordable yet premium resources that can only be compared with dedicated hosting.

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