Points to Ponder while Choosing a VPS Operating System

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Virtual Private Servers can be operated by using either Windows or Linux platforms. In terms of its popularity, Windows operating system has always been able to maintain its top position over many years. However, in recent times, users are found to prefer Linux computing platform on account of its open source format and cost efficiency. 

Distinguishing features

There are a number of differences between Linux and Windows VPS hosting environments. For example, in comparison with Linux platforms, users can access the greater number of applications as well as software in Windows. It must be mentioned that Linux operating system has significantly succeeded in an improvement of its portfolio over the last decade. Users can also fond Linux platform to be more suitable for implementation or development of new applications since it is basically an open source system. 

Cost considerations - Costs of owning and maintaining a Windows platform can be considerably higher than its Linux counterpart. Windows operating system is a commercial offering and the subsequent updates are also offered for a price. In contrast, users can procure a Linux system free of cost and can also get new updates without spending anything because of its open source format.

Points to Ponder while Choosing a VPS Operating System

Robust defenses - As far as susceptibility to cyber attacks is concerned, Linux based operating systems are found to offer the more robust defense as compared with Windows platform. The reason for this could be the extensive popularity of Windows systems, which encourages cybercriminals to plan and attack these platforms. Security of site and its data is a vital aspect of operating a web-based resource. Therefore, a vast majority of users tend to prefer Linux based operating systems over Windows platforms. 

Understanding the distinct features of VPS hosting

While comparing different aspects of the two most sought after operating systems in a VPS environment, one needs to get himself acquainted with distinct attributes of Virtual Private Servers.

Importance of choosing the right operating system for running your Virtual Private Server is associated with the availability of a core access to Linux or Windows operating system. Your Virtual Private Server is designed to have its own copy of the operating system. This feature of VPS hosting is almost similar to the dedicated server hosting environment which also allows a complete root access to the operating system.

With a freedom to configure the operating system as per the specific needs of business processes, a Virtual Private Server is capable of improving the output and overall performance without significant increase in hosting costs. A VPS ecosystem offers all benefits of a dedicated server minus the costs of dedicated hosting plans that could prove to be prohibitive for small or medium businesses. 

Therefore, a VPS hosting solution is sought after by businesses that are operating in highly competitive environments including IT companies or real estate agencies to augment margins of profit by controlling the hosting expenditure.

Assured resources

Virtual Private Server is aimed at offering guaranteed resources to improve service without additional financial burden. The major resources that can be accessed by users of VPS hosting services include assured RAM, choice of storage and disk space, and monthly data transfers to name a few. For all practical purposes, a VPS can be operated as a dedicated server. 

In addition to the obvious benefits including the ability to configure operating system and control on the hosting environment, a VPS guarantees freedom to install any application or software depending on needs of the business. Users of VPS hosting services are empowered with the choice of choosing either Linux or Windows operating system. 

However, one must have a clear understanding of the nature of VPS hosting environment before finalizing the type of operating system. You will find Windows operating system to support entirely different applications as compared with any Linux distribution. However, both operating systems have their own sets of benefits in a given situation or business category. 

A Linux hosting environment is generally preferred by users who need to operate by using scripts including Ruby, Python, or PERL. However, if you propose to run ASP.net or PHP, then you will be better off with a Windows operating system. 

Importance of an ideal VPS environment

Although, both Linux and Windows operating systems are able to provide extremely useful features to boost operations of your Virtual Private Server, one must understand the need for providing the right hosting environment for running a particular operating system. 

If you are going to use a Windows operating system for Virtual Private Server, then the server will have to be supported with robust arrangements with higher specifications of RAM, bandwidth, and hard drive space. This is another reason for the increased cost of Windows VPS hosting plans in addition to license fees for purchasing Windows operating system. 

In comparison with Windows OS, the Linux kernel can be run with leaner specifications since the operating requirements of Linux OS are comparatively lesser. As far as cost comparison is concerned, a Windows operating system would require double expenditure than Linux operating system. 


Whether you decide to adopt Linux or Windows operating system, a Virtual Private Server is the most rewarding resource for augmenting the performance of your website. If you are in search of an economical yet high performance hosting solution for your Virtual Private Server, then Linux operating system may be a better option.  

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