PM VPS UK – measures regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus)

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PM VPS UK – measures regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus)

In view of recent developments regarding the spread of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced various measures. We attach the highest importance to the safety of our personnel, customers and guardians and we are operating in full support and compliance with these measures and World Health Organisation (WHO) advice.

Consequently VPS have assessed any risks and adjusted our business operations accordingly. Among other things, this means that employees with symptoms of illness stay at home and that we may also work from home. We have very resilient systems and processes to support these new ways of working and this has meant our adaptations will not affect the services we are pleased to provide. What it does mean is that some face to face meetings will be changed to alternative methods, such as WhatsApp Video calls, Zoom Meetings and of course the traditional telephone where that suffices.

Our teams are all working as hard as usual and we continue operate a full service, and in case of emergencies, we are, as always, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 020 8236 7688.

We hope for your understanding of this situation. Do you have any questions or comments about these measures? Please feel free to contact us at 020 8236 7688 or [email protected] Your regular VPS contact person is of course also available for further explanation.

We wish everyone good health, be alert, follow the WHO instructions and help each other where possible.

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