Cpanel the most Compatible Partner for Your VPS Host

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Many people get confused just by the phrase “cPanel VPS hosting”. Either they are not aware of the technicality behind this or have been misguided in some other way. Let’s start by erasing the confusion about what cPanel exactly is. cPanel is a dashboard that gives you the privilege to manage your own web hosting server.

Already VPS hosting is one of those that gained popularity in no time and can be chosen by any kind of website owner. For a website to be published on the internet one needs to have its website content on a web server. Although setting up and managing a web server might seem difficult and not worth the expenditure. But cPanel makes it completely worth with its unique approach. The people who switched to cPanel reported that it is easier for them now to build websites and leading it in the right direction. So let’s get to know about cPanel first-

cPanel: an introduction

cPanel is one of the most common terms in the domain of web hosting. Irrespective of the type of hosting plan cPanel is cordial with all kinds of them and gives a new definition to it. cPanel understands the kind of boosting each of them demands. Your VPS web hosting portal needs a stellar administration and cPanel is the best you can get for your VPS host.

cPanel regards the hosting service with both performance and reliability. The VPS hosting plans provided by the hosting companies these days are perfectly synced with the kind of features provided by cPanel.

A wrong control panel selected for the hosting can impact the business a lot. Hence, your responsibility is not over after selecting the suitable hosting provider, you are only halfway through it. It is equally important to select the right fit of the control panel for your web host. With cPanel a lot of possibilities get opens and the kind of motivation you get can transform your infrastructure completely. Thus, cPanel turns out to be the right fit for your web host each and every time.

Some of its amazing features make it the most desirable control panels of all time. Let’s have an idea about its amazing features –

-         Outstanding mailing feature- With cPanel you get the flexibility of creating, delete, and filter emails. If you don’t find these features enough then it also offers automatic spam blocking and email forwarding. 

-         Managing files at best- This feature of cPanel allows you to manage all your files or database automatically over the server. There is no other control panel whose file management is as user-friendly as of cPanel. It eases some procedures like the formation of subdomains, multiple domains, backing up files, managing disk space, server entry in FTP, and many more. 

-         Manages domain – When you have selected cPanel as your control panel for the VPS host then you need not worry even about managing the domain of your website. With cPanel you will the root access to your server. You can easily add parked domains and subdomains with smooth management. 

-         Managing your scripts- If you are already impressed with the previously mentioned features then let me tell you that this is just not the end. With cPanel you can easily control your online chats, blogs, forums, online carts, and many others that involve scripts into it. 

-         Server management- This is something that you need not even ask for. It empowers your server in the way that that commands are configured very quickly and executed in no time. Apart from this it also engages itself in investigating server issues and solving them at the very instant. 

Compatibility between VPS host and cPanel

Now let’s get down to actual business and talk about the compatibility between VPS hosting and cPanel. As it is Linux VPS hosting is getting popular in the market and its user base has experienced an exceptional increase in recent times. Matching it up with cPanel gives it a very competitive edge to your whole hosting experience.

The actual demand for VPS host spiked as it is so cost-effective and renders you with all those services that you might get with any dedicated server at a much higher price. VPS will allow you as a user to store your database over large data centers by using online servers. Now if you have Linux or Windows it doesn’t matter once you have cPanel as your control panel, you are good to go.

Here are some reasons why you should consider cPanel as your preferred control panel for your VPS host-

  1.  Best for backups- The worse that can happen to any website owner is its website is crashing down. Managing site and file downloading become a cakewalk with cPanel. Even the recovery which seems a task taking so long when working with other control panels happens at a click of a button with cPanel.
  2. Adding software and email accounts is handy- As cPanel offers you access to the server so you need not wait for any help from your hosting company for so many tasks. You need no assistance and you are free to work at your speed and ease. CPanel acts like a one-man army and enables you to not depend on your hosting provider for trivial tasks like adding email accounts or software. 
  3. Impeccable security- Did you even think that one day you would be able to save SSL for each and every website you host on your server? cPanel has made thing also possible and considers it essential as now many search engines ask and checks for the SSL certificate. 
  4. World-class performance and reliability- Just having the resources will not benefit your website that much, its real and right utilization is of utmost importance. CPanel applies its predictive manner while allocating the resources that lead to optimization of the performance of your resources. The GUI of cPanel is so easy-to-use and makes your website setup very eye-pleasing at the same time. 
  5. Improves website’s online presence- cPanel consolidated on your VPS host keeps the website freer to grow online through all dimensions. This is possible because reading codes and understanding them simultaneously is easier due to its reliability and secured infrastructure.    

Still, thinking whether cPanel is the right choice for you? Being a business owner you would understand that all your major worries are already covered under cPanel features. If you will ask for more then you will get that too. With cPanel you become the sole owner of all the activities and thus gives you more power to take control over all the tasks going on. You might get many other options in the control panel market but the cheapest VPS hosting with cPanel is the best you can get. Its wide range of benefits is not only that makes it the king of this field but comprehensive server and website management are what exceptional about it.


While VPS hosting constantly upgrades itself, cPanel cuts throat competition to stay relevant throughout. For this you just need the right cheapest VPS hosting with Cpanel package and completely transform your website managing experience while it is hosted on an external VPS host.


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